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Hi, I'm  Rebecca...


-I'm half Austrian/half British, but I grew up mostly in Cape Town, South Africa  (never learnt to surf, though...sharks!)

       -I'm a Mum of 2 energetic young girls who aren't a fan of my camera (my toughest subjects yet)

     - I spent 4 years in my 20s living in Hong Kong as a Model (and learnt all about good angles and how to get the shot)

          - I originally established my business in Washington DC, when pregnant with my eldest daughter (7 years ago now!)

         - 15 years later life has brought me back to Asia:  Singapore, now with my hubby and girls  (since Aug 2022)

       - I will travel for food  (and currently I'm on a mission to find the best Almond Croissant on the me out?)

Why I do what I do, and love it...


The picture above is my absolute favourite photo that I own of my Mum and me. In my final year of University she died very suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 48. Thankfully, my Dad has always been into photography, so I have many moments like these in print that I treasure with all my heart.

My wish is for us is to create images like this one together- not only to get you in the frame with your little ones more often, but also to capture these memories for your kids to show to their own kids one day, too.

My focus is to get  joyful and  loving images as naturally as possible, in a  fun and  easy-going environment. You can trust me to do what I need to get those natural reactions out of your children: even if it means crawling around on the floor making animal noises; or swaddling your sweet newborn to soothe them to sleep, so we can document all those precious  details in the early days.

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If you are ready to book your session, or you still have some questions, please go ahead and contact me directly. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below if you would like to share some more details on what kind of session you are looking for. 

I look forward to creating with you!

I'm excited for us to work together!

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